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AutoCAD Structual Detailing 


Structural detailing software

AutoCAD® Structural Detailing software, built on the familiar AutoCAD software platform, helps structural engineers, detailers and fabricators create detailing and fabrication shop drawings.

AutoCAD Structual Detailing Features:

Structural drafting and documentation:

  • Country-specific templates and databases - Reach global clients with international templates.
  • Solid objects in drawings - See concrete foundations as solid objects.
  • Weld symbols in drawings - Create manual weld definitions.
  • Schedules and material takeoffs - Update schedules automatically.
  • Customizable detailing and shop drawing styles - Tailor shop drawings with customizable styles.

Structural element design productivity:

  • Intelligent structural objects - Use intelligent structural element design objects.
  • Automatically generate shop drawings - Improve data coordination in shop drawing sets.
  • 3D reinforcement beam design - View reinforced concrete element geometry in 3D.
  • Automatically generate views and details - Prepare shop drawings automatically.
  • Bolt, nut, and washer positioning - Use auto-positioning to help streamline design


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