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ecoBIM for Architects



What is ecoBIM?


ecoBIM is a tool for checking that architectural designs comply with the UK Building Regulations Part L2.

Designed for use by Architects from early concept stage through to final design compliance, the ecoBIM analysis engine is accredited by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) for demonstrating compliance with Part L2.

ecoBIM may be used at early concept stage to undertake parametric studies to inform on the compliance of a range of design options. These include glazing areas, glazing type, orientation and shading systems. Studies may be undertaken for a range of building and space types located across the United Kingdom.                      


ecoBIM for Architects - Download the PDF Overview


How does ecoBIM work?


Powered by EDSL Tas



ecoBIM is unique as an early concept building performance analysis tool for Architects, because its calculation procedures are based on an advanced building simulation engine. ecoBIM is powered by EDSL Tas, which is accredited by DCLG for demonstrating compliance with Part L2 of the UK building regulations.


Daylight Simulation Engine



ecoBIM has a state of the art daylight simulation engine, which is based on radiosity and ray-tracing procedures. This means that daylight calculations are more accurate than simpler procedures commonly used in early concept tools. This is important because daylight levels

are an important aspect of architectural design and key to lowering CO2 emissions using daylight saving controls on artificial lighting.



Benchmarking Energy Results



The combination of advanced daylight and solar shading procedures is key to evaluating façade performance. More daylight is calculated to enter the building per m2 of glazing and less solar gain with external shading. This is key to not falling foul of the criterion 3 solar gain check in Part L2 of the building regulations. Over simplified procedures make compliance more onerous.

Although using the most advanced calculation procedures, ecoBIM is very fast. A full Part L2 compliance check on a section of façade, with CO2 emissions, Criterion 3 solar gain check and daylight study takes less than a minute. ecoBIM is multi-core enabled, so it can perform parametric studies for different façade specifications in minutes.


Intelligent 3D Modelling



ecoBIM has an intelligent 3D modelling core that means that Autodesk Revit models may be imported as a whole or as selected spaces for compliance checking. This is exceptionally useful as a design develops, it simply allows selected spaces from the Revit model export to be checked for compliance at each design stage. Changes in the Revit model may be merged into existing ecoBIM models, eliminating the need for any rework.

ecoBIM models may be opened in EDSL Tas engineering software by Building Services Engineers. Improvements in plant efficiencies introduced by the Engineer may be imported back into ecoBIM to further enhance the level of compliance. ecoBIM also allows the Architect to evaluate PV contributions towards compliant designs.


ecoBIM for Architects - Download the PDF Overview


For further information about ecoBIM please contact Cadline Sales on 01924 442333.   

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