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BIM 360 Docs



Manage construction project documents with BIM 360 Docs

BIM 360 Docs ensures the entire project team is building from the correct version of documents, plans and models. Save time, reduce risk and mitigate errors in construction projects.

BIM 360 Docs delivers a complete, connected solution to manage all 2D plans, 3D models and other project documents. Built specifically for construction projects, BIM 360 Docs is designed to connect designers, owners, contractors and construction project teams. The whole team gets access to the most current set of documents.

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Features & Benefits

  • Construction-focused design:  A document management app built with construction projects in mind.
  • Publish and curate construction docs:  Get the right documents into the hands of those that need them.
  • Access control, versioning and history:  Control approval processes and the release of information to the field.
  • Quickly view and edit plans and models from one interface:  Reduce risk and eliminate errors by ensuring the entire team is building from the current set.
  • Collaborative markup and issues for design reviews:  Keep current whether in the office or in the field.

Solving Everyday Problems


Model Viewer and Mark ups

Create, share and review design markups on 2D sheets or 3D models.


Revision Comparison

Compare design versions and easily view changes between versions.


Design and Document Management

Open, assign, comment on and manage issues from the Web or mobile device, and alert users of newly assigned issues.


Customer Success Story



BIM 360 helped AECOM save nearly $4.5M, streamline data sharing, and make decisions more quickly.


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