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Construction: Co-Ordination of Design & Engineering Data




Cadline’s Co-ordination Solution brings together Autodesk’s co ordination and collaboration tools to enable project teams to integrate multiple model information in one environment and access the data in the field.

Models can be coordinated and elements clashed to identify issues long before getting to site.

Project files sizes are also greatly reduced and then easy to share, interogate and access in the field for the wider project team.

The result: Co-ordinated models delivering maximum engineering benefit with minimal file size across the entire design, project and supply chain teams.

Solving Everyday Problems:

Coordination of multidisciplinary files from various software vendors
Coordinating design and creating construction sequencing in a BIM environment
Clash detection
Management and distribution of large model files
Obtain and utilise native files throughout the project
Change Management

Technology Solutions:

Co-ordination & Clash Detection:

BIM Management & Project Collaboration and Mobile access to design information:



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