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Construction: Collaboration (Data Management & In the Cloud)




Cadline’s Collaboration Solution provides clients with the flexibility to implement on premise – on server data management tools linked to cloud based collaboration tools for those used to having the data behind the fire wall!

Cloud based collaboration with anywhere access to all data throughout the project lifecycle is being adopted by those prepared to operate exclusively in the cloud.

The choice is yours.

3D scanning data or point cloud data needs to be integrated and managed like any other – the solutions outlined happily support a multiple file format controlled and secure environment.

Solving Everyday Problems - Data Management:

Management and secure distribution of design and project data to the wider project team and supply chain
Secure mobile access to project information
Version and release control – having the right version of the data and audit trail
Elimination of on site folders and files
Remote access to project data on site
Data validation

Solving Everyday Problems - In the Cloud:

Manage and maintain your federated model
Get easy access to your federated model during meetings
Run early clash detection at tender stage
Easily comment on clashes, record and distribute to project stakeholders
Direct connections with modelling environments
Check for model clashes throughout construction
Access the latest design and project information onsite



Technology Solutions:

Construction Management – anywhere access to project data throughout the project lifecycle

Collaborate in a single central workspace

Data Management & Collaboration control tools

Reality capture and 3D scanning – capture and integrate reality data directly into your design process


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