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Construction: Consumption of Data




Cadline’s Consumption Solution brings together key design, modelling and analysis technologies that enable construction professionals consume, control, edit and manage design and engineering data.

Designs can be checked, analysed and remodelled quickly or simply just red lined and marked up throughout the design process.

Further more, the solution extends to the Construction and Maintenance cycles using information from a single models to dramatically improve downstream processes and reduce costs.

The result: Building & Infrastructure modelling intelligence used in Construction and Maintenance phases.

Solving Everyday Problems:

Interrogating 2D & BIM data
Management of design and project data
Meeting contractual requirements, time and quality
Referencing other file types
Consumption of multi disciplinary project files: Architectural / Civil / Structural / Building Services / Steelwork Fabrication
Meeting regulatory requirements – safety and final building performance
Value Engineering and Fabrication

Technology Solutions:


3D & BIM:

Sustainable Design Tools:


Data Management & Co-ordination:


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