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Advance Steel


Be part of the BIM revolution.

Improve your process with Building Information Modelling and intelligent structural steel detailing and fabrication software.

Autodesk Advance Steel is easy-to-use and comprehensive software for structural steel detailing. Built on the familiar Autodesk AutoCAD platform, the software’s 3D modeling tools help you accelerate design and detailing. Work with an extensive library of intelligent, parametric structural elements, steel connections, and plates, or model your own custom elements and connections with intuitive tools. Help speed time to fabrication by automatically generating shop and general arrangement drawings, creating bills of material (BOMs), and producing DSTV CNC files directly from your designs. Interoperability with Autodesk Revit software and other BIM solutions supports a more connected BIM workflow from design through fabrication to construction.


3D steel modelling with the intelligence of BIM

Autodesk® Advance Steel structural steel detailing software is built to help structural engineers, detailers, and fabricators more quickly and easily create information-rich building models that can help drive the fabrication of steel components.

Structural steel modelling

Advance Steel helps simplify the structural modeling process through several intelligent features. It contains an extensive library of objects and powerful tools to help designers create structural elements. The dedicated wizard tools make it easier to create elements like trusses, bracings, purlins, and portal frames.

Miscellaneous steel modelling

Advance Steel also has powerful tools for miscellaneous steel creation. Create more accurate stairs and railings with the use of special wizards. These dedicated wizards save more time by helping you quickly generate straight and spiral stairs, straight and curved railings, and cage ladders. Once created, you can more easily modify the properties using a large selection of customizable parameters to suit the needs of your project. 

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