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Cadline's V_Tools delivers additional functionality and automatic file production within Autodesk’s Vault solution.

Automation is achieved on the fly by engineers or can be easily based on triggers due to the change of document states.

Our tools are designed to dramatically reduce or remove many of the manual tasks associated with the day-to-day management of files and documents throughout a project life cycle.

Tools are configured for each of our client's requirements and are design to work within existing processes and workflows ensuring the delivery of a required data standard with the business.



V_Tools from Cadline is part of the V_Toolbox family of solutions. It is an add-in for Autodesk Vault that automates time-consuming tasks. From the automatic generation of preconfigured folder structures, triggered events and generation of documents as lifecycle changes are made in CAD documents. It’s full of smart tools, which are just some reasons V_Tools makes your Vault experience better.

V_Tools Product Overview



V_Marking is an additional configuration to V_Tools that ensures the state of a document in Vault is clearly visible on the document if viewed or printed in hard copy.



V_Connect from Cadline enables Autodesk Vault Professional customers to link their Vault data directly to business ERP systems. In many cases, data entry into ERP is a manual process that can lead to errors that V_Connect can avoid.



V_Mail allows Vault users to automatically trigger email notifications to other engineers or data consumers and reviewers alerting them to a change or action required on files and documents in Vault.

This tool is especially useful when files are changed to a “For Review” state as the email trigger can reach project members quickly for approval and therefore reducing project delays.


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