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AutoCAD Autodesk Electrical




The logical choice for electrical controls design

Autodesk® AutoCAD® Electrical software helps controls designers to create and modify electrical control systems. Automated tasks and comprehensive symbol libraries help to increase productivity, reduce errors, and provide accurate information to the manufacturing floor. Stay ahead of the competition with AutoCAD Electrical software which, with added tools on top of Autodesk® AutoCAD® software, offers significant productivity gains by automating many of the complex tasks associated with creating accurate, industry-standard electrical control systems.


Top 10 reasons to move from AutoCAD to AutoCAD Electrical

  1. Comprehensive symbol libraries
  2. Automatic wire numbering and component tagging
  3. Automatic project reports
  4. Real-time error checking
  5. Real-time coil and contact cross-referencing
  6. Smart panel layout drawings
  7. Electrical-specific drafting features
  8. Ability to create PLC I/O drawings from spreadsheets automatically
  9. Ability to share drawings with customers and suppliers and track their changes
  10. Reuse existing drawings


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AutoCAD Electrical Localisation 


AutoCAD Electrical Localisation Software - ***EXCLUSIVE to Cadline***

The AutoCAD Electrical Localisation software is EXCLUSIVE to Cadline and provides instant productivity savings without the need for manual setup and customisation in configuring the software to metric and to the relevant IEC standards.

For further information about Cadline's AutoCAD Electrical Localisation software, please call our Electrical team on 01924 442333.

To read the latest from one of our technical experts on the newest updates to Cadline Localiser, head over to Cadline Community.


For further information contact our Electrical Team on 01924 442333.


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