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When is a Factory Design tool not a Factory Design tool? Cadline's comprehensive Buidling Asset Layout solution utilises Autodesk's Factory Design tools and delivers a fluid workflow for designers who need to easily layout assets in a familiar 2D AutoCAD environment, create 3D models and views automatically and maintain the integrity of their Manufacturing 3D models. Designs are developed in whichever views best suit the user and multiple file format exports enable components to be exported to BIM formats as well as traditional manufacturing formats such as DXF files for sheet metal fabrication. Additional project benefits such as manufacturing assets and built environment assets can be clashed to understand project tolerances and high quality visualisations and animations are all realised from the same model using standard desktop tools.

  • Do you design assets or products that need to be arranged and laid out in a building?

  • Do you have day to day challenges trying to work in 2D and 3D at the same time without having to recreate design information?

  • Do you have an intelligent 3D model for your product design that can be used up or downstream in 2D or 3D automatically?

  • Are you designing building components and being asked for "BIM" files and information from clients?

  • Can you easily visualise your design, create walk throughs and videos for client presentations?

  • Can you manage a 3D building model into your business and deliver it out in BIM format if required?

  • How do you clash your manufacturing model with the built environment to make sure components fit before getting to site?


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