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Cadline's Manufacturing for BIM solution allows users of standard Autodesk Manufacturing 3D design tools to export to BIM file formats for use downstream in Autodesk Revit's building models. Building component manufacturers are facing increased demands from Architects, M&E designers, specifiers and contractors to supply BIM ready formats throughout the project lifecyle and the end deliverable is often an Autodesk Revit model or Revit Family file. Cadline's solution enables Building Component manufacturers to maintain their design intent and intelligence in a dynamic manufacturing model that delivers all the traditional downstream benefits to the Manufacturer, whilst providing capability to supply built environment clients with the right file formats at the right time without the need to remodel. One version of the truth in the format you need when you need it.

  • Are you designing building components and being asked for "BIM" files and information from clients?

  • Working with 2D design tools and asking how you are going to deliver 3D BIM content?

  • Working in Autodesk Inventor and need to export to BIM but don’t want to redraw / remodel?

  • Do you need to create Autodesk Revit RFA files or IFC files for your clients?

  • Are you being asked to open and manipulate Autodesk Revit file formats?
  • Do you have your products in BIM friendly formats on line for your prospects and customers to download?
  • Do you need an efficient workflow within your design team to deliver design information in the right format at the right time?
  • Do you still manage your design data in a Microsoft Server folder environment?

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