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OS Model Builder




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Build a 3D Autodesk InfraWorks™ model complete with terrain, imagery and buildings

Your model will be built and supplied to you using OS Terrain 5, OS MasterMap Imagery, OS MasterMap Topographical data and optionally OS Open Map Roads and OS Open Map Rivers.


Select your area

Draw your chosen area up to 10 km². All data comes with a free 14 day trial licence so you can try it out with Autodesk InfraWorks™ first.


Choose your data

Select the data that you want to include in your model. Building footprints, building heights, imagery and high resolution terrain as standard. Add free rivers and roads open data too.


Import into InfraWorks

Download your data in minutes and start using your map immediately.


Interactive InfraWorks 360 Model of Edinburgh

Optimise your sketches and product presentations

It takes minutes to build your InfraWorks™ ready 3D map ready for download. Our data packages contain the high quality data you can rely on from Ordnance Survey.

Click on the example data models below to view the OS Model Builder in use vs. InfraWorks Model Builder:


Coverage of Data – A Residential Area 

InfraWorks Model Builder:

Missing Residential Buildings...


Ordnance Survey Data:

More Complete Building Coverage, including accurate height data...



Accuracy of Data – Heathrow Runway 

InfraWorks Model Builder:

DTM accurate to only 30 metres...


Ordnance Survey Data:

DTM accurate to 5 metres...



OS Model Builder Brochure - PDF
OS Model Builder FAQs - PDF

Ordnance Survey Model Builder Webinar

In this recorded webinar we demonstrate how the Ordnance Survey Model Builder can create CAD ready 3D maps for Autodesk InfraWorks 360™ using Ordnance Survey mapping data.



For further information please call the Infrastructure Team on 01784 419922 or complete a brief online form.

Try the OS Model Builder for FREE here



The OS Model Builder product has been co-developed by Ordnance Survey and Cadline, using OS data.

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