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Autodesk Maintenance Plan


Maximise the power of your design tools

Autodesk maintenance plan is the most cost effective way to maintain and maximize your long-term investment in Autodesk software and services. Always stay current with the latest software releases and reap the benefits of flexible licensing rights and technical support. In addition, a variety of Autodesk® 360 cloud benefits help increase mobility and streamline collaboration.

Benefits of Subscribing with Autodesk

  •  Latest Software Releases – When you subscribe to an Autodesk product, you get immediate access to the latest versions and releases of that product, as well as the latest software enhancements.
  • Previous Version Rights – Subscribing gives you unique Previous Version Rights to use eligible previous versions of purchased Autodesk software – even after you have installed an upgrade of the same product.
  • Home Use Rights – Extend your work flexibility with Home Use Rights. Only subscribing allows you and your employees the right to use your Autodesk products on a home machine.
  • Cost Savings – Subscribing to Autodesk products provides the lowest cost of entry to try new tools without making a big upfront investment.
  • Benefits of the Autodesk Cloud – Such as rendering in the cloud – for more information visit
  • Access to Autodesk Labs – Including exclusive technology previews – for more information visit
  • Cloud-based Storage – Store design files in the cloud - 25GB of storage space per named user on a maintenance plan. Access files anytime, anywhere.
  • Cloud-based Viewing – View 2D and 3D design files with simply a web browser. Mark up 2D files with comments. Extend the design process to others even those who do not have the design software.
  • Cloud-based Rendering – Extend your desktop with computing capacity and capabilities. Design, visualise and simulate your ideas to accelerate innovation and gain a competitive advantage.

As a valued Cadline subscription customer you can also enjoy helpful information and tutorials relevant to your Autodesk maintenance plan, as well as browse our technical knowledgebase, blogs, videos, forums and much more.

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