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Cadline Support 360


The effective installation and configuration of CAD systems requires specialist knowledge. Cadline’s support services allow you to get on with your day job and leave the deployment and maintenance of your software and hardware to us. Whether you want assistance in the installation of your software & hardware, or support for your CAD systems, Cadline Support 360 has the package for you. Simply choose which option or options suit your requirements and let us take responsibility for a reliable and efficient setup.




The Cadline Helpdesk allows you to log unlimited support calls via phone, email or through our online Support Zone. We offer two levels of software support, Business as Usual and Intended Use. Choose Business as Usual for when you want assurance that we are on hand to assist you in deploying your software effectively. Choose Intended Use for when you want the added insurance that that you are using your software efficiently and that any project-delaying software issues will be resolved as quickly as possible.




At Cadline we recognise that no two customers need the same level of support for their hardware, operating system or software installation. We have designed our systems support services to be as flexible as you need them to be. If you only need to call us occasionally for advice on a configuration matter then we can provide access to our support specialists through our unmanaged support. If you need a virtual IT department then our managed support service may be the best fit for you.

Our experienced engineers can minimise the normal downtime associated with adopting new software through our planning and installation services. Avoid the problems of misconfigured applications, missing content libraries and poorly performing workstations by allowing us to install and configure your software. We can help eliminate the risk of non-compliancy, missing features and inefficient or problematic licencing.


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