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Autodesk Maya



Autodesk® Maya® software delivers new features, performance improvements, and artist-friendly tools that greatly enhance the entire Maya experience. In addition to an all-new look and feel that includes reorganized menus that better match artist workflows, Maya is now leveraging more resources (cores) in the computer to accelerate animation performance, increasing the speed of both playback and manipulation of character rigs. A new native sculpting toolset brings improved brush based modeling tools to Maya, allowing modelers to quickly modify forms and shapes. Additionally, artists can achieve even more realistic VFX results using Bifrost with the addition of foam, surface tension, viscosity, and adaptive aerodynamics. 

Maya 2016 Top Features and Benefits:


  • Parallel Rig Evaluation

Maya 2016 delivers a new parallel evaluation system that helps increase the speed of both playback and manipulation of character rigs. This new multithreaded system is designed to distribute computation amongst existing cores and graphics processors in your computer. 

  • New Sculpting Toolset

A new sculpting toolset in Maya 2016 gives artists the freedom to sculpt and shape models more artistically and intuitively. The new sculpting toolset represents an upgrade over Maya’s previous sculpting tools, providing more detail and resolution. 

  • Adaptive Foam in Bifrost

Artists can now add froth, foam and bubbles (“whitewater”) to liquid simulations, creating even more realism and detail in scenes with oceans, beaches, lakes and stormy seas. With camera adaptivity, artists can create high resolution simulations close to the camera where detail is essential, while lowering the computation of foam particles in other areas, resulting in shorter simulation times.

  • XGen is easier to use, and faster

An all-new presets workflow allows artists to quickly share their looks between meshes by applying pre-made grass or hairstyles to the meshes for an improved starting point. The XGen preset library now comes with presets previously included for Maya Fur, and allows artists to build a library of descriptions with custom thumbnails so they don’t have to re-build from scratch each time.

  • Adaptive Aero Solver in Bifrost

The all-new adaptive Aero solver in Maya 2016 provides the ability to create atmospheric effects such as smoke and mist. Compared to Maya Fluids, Aero produces simulations of higher detail and greater physical accuracy.


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