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Autodesk Mental Ray

High-volume 3D rendering software

mental ray®Standalone 3D rendering software helps studios produce high-volume, high-quality renderings for today’s complex film, television, and design visualization productions. Available as a single executable that works with Autodesk® Maya® software, Autodesk® 3ds Max® software, Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design  software, and Autodesk® Softimage® software, mental ray Standalone provides flexibility in a mixed-application 3D animation pipeline. With an extensive shader library to help simulate a vast range of photorealistic and stylized looks, physically accurate lighting, and a robust shading language, mental ray Standalone is a distributed rendering tool of choice for visual effects and post production facilities. 


Mental Ray 3D Features:



A single executable application

mental ray works with Maya3ds MaxSoftimage, and 3ds Max Design software, providing flexibility and simplicity for studios with mixed-application pipelines.



Industry-standard 3D rendering software

This industry-standard software is used in film, broadcast, digital publishing, and design visualization facilities.



Physically accurate lighting

Get photorealistic rendering results.



Distributed rendering solution

Rendering is executed independently through a command-line interface.


Robust shading language

Extend your 3D software shader library to simulate a vast range of photorealistic and stylized looks.


A single sampling mechanism

Achieve your desired distributed rendering quality in less time.


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