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Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server

Mapping Software for Sharing CAD, GIS & Asset Data

Autodesk® Infrastructure Map Server software is web-based mapping software that helps AEC professionals to publish and share CAD, GIS and other infrastructure asset information quickly and cost-effectively over the internet. Easy to use and deploy, the software includes templates that enable users to deliver information quickly from AutoCAD® Map 3D software to the web.

  • Mobile viewer extension– Use Infrastructure Map Server with popular touchscreen devices
  • GeoREST extension– Repurpose existing server and Feature Data Objects (FDO) data using a RESTful web services protocol
  • WMS & WFS publishing– Simplify the publishing process with an OGC WMS & WFS publishing interface
  • Additional consumer map layers– Create context-rich maps
  • QuickPlot functionality– Choose the area, rotation, resolution, map decorations and paper size quickly prior to plotting
  • Pre-caching of base layer tiles– Generate and populate tile caches
  • Stylisation user interface – Create rich cartographic maps

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