Autodesk Forma

Cloud-based software for early-stage planning and design

Improve project outcomes with conceptual design and modelling tools and real-time analytics.

Autodesk Forma (formerly Spacemaker) helps planning and design teams deliver projects digitally from day one. Use conceptual design capabilities, predictive analytics and automations to make solid foundations for your projects.

  • Unlock efficiencies with intuitive project setup, design automations and fluid connectivity with Revit.
  • Use data-driven insights in real-time to make fast, smart design decisions that reduce risk and improve business and sustainability outcomes.
  • Improve collaboration and secure buy-in by using data and visuals to tell a compelling design story that can help you win more bids

What you can do with Autodesk Forma:

  • Better decision support with real-time analytics:
    Uncover greater insights into your site and its surroundings in real time with AI-powered analyses for key factors such as sunlight, daylight potential, wind and microclimate. Better insights mean better outcomes.
  • Make, evaluate and optimise for better projects:
    Model complex design concepts in full 3D in just minutes. Test and evaluate multiple design solutions and optimise for a multitude of constraints.
  • Bring your data and designs downstream:
    Connect your favourite design tools to Forma through extensions. Starting with file-less sync with Revit, Autodesk Forma helps project teams fluidly move proposals from planning into detailed design.

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