Cadline and all its staff are committed to limiting the spread of the Coronavirus and any other illnesses, whilst maintaining normal levels of service delivery and customer service.

At this time, business continuity is our highest priority and we have worked to build resilience into our organisation by removing any reliance on individual locations and personnel. We are well placed to minimise the impact of the Coronavirus situation thanks to our adoption of cloud-based business systems and an advanced communications infrastructure.

All staff, including those involved with account management, finance, technical support and customer service are enabled to operate from their homes, should home working be enforced by the government.

All staff are regularly updated on the latest advice from Public Health England and scrupulous personal hygiene is encouraged.

We will continue to deliver and meet service delivery commitments whilst working within the current Government guidelines for limiting the transmission of the illness. We are making our facilities as safe as possible through increased vigilance and hygiene standards. Training equipment, including monitors, keyboards, mice and desks are being cleaned before and after every use.

For more information about our business continuity planning, please contact either of the following:

Claire Bass, Client Services Director:

Phone: 07971 224547

Nick Harris, Technical Director:

Phone:  07970 631337

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