How Cadline has helped PitStop Productions put its Autodesk subscriptions in order

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Sheffield in South Yorkshire, PitStop Productions is a one stop creative services company operating worldwide across a wide range of media and entertainment industries. For many years, PitStop Productions has been using Autodesk Maya® , the 3D modelling, simulation and rendering solution, for visual effects and animation work. It uses Maya to help create marketing videos and short animations for leading gaming companies to help promote the launch of Triple-A games.

Recent years have seen some significant changes in how licences are provided for Autodesk software. Perpetual licences have gone to be replaced by subscriptions. PitStop Productions first engaged with leading Autodesk reseller, Cadline, during the two to three-year transition period between the two approaches. It was looking for guidance and an explanation of how the new approach to licensing worked.

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