Join us on our series of FREE Existing Cymap User Live Online Training Sessions designed to help you maximise your software.

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Are you using Cymap energy results to create detailed HVAC services?

The session will explore how you can utilise the results from the gains/losses program to create detailed HVAC service designs to calculate duct and pipe pressure losses, produce detailed mark ups and schedules.

Are you using Cymap to autogenerate 3D Revit HVAC content or create 2D AutoCAD drawings?

This course shows the user how to export to DXF to create 2D drawings, leveraging the Cylink Revit add in to automatically produce 2D HVAC designs which can be imported into 2D AutoCAD. Understand how to achieve BIM Level 2 workflows through to fully coordinated 3D models.

Are you using Cymap electrical/lighting suite of programs to improve design collaboration and save time?

This session is designed to show how electrics and lighting can be utilised to create finalised Wiring 18th edition schematics. Understand different workflows to utilise the software in a more efficient manner.

Are you using Cymap add-on module ‘Cyspace’ to create plantrooms and optimise space allowances?

This session is designed to show you the potential of early concept modelling through project progression to later detailed services design.

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