Discover the true power of BIM technology!

Discover the true power of BIM technology!

BIM technology provides a landscape of limitless opportunity. Join our captivating on-demand webinar series and discover the concepts and principles of moving your design and construction into a digital environment.

These on demand Webinars are 60 mins long and will cover the following:

  • BIM Level 2 with ISO 19650-1 Concepts & Principles –  REGISTER NOW
    In the first webinar, we will introduce the high level concepts & principles associated with the ISO19650 series. We will cover why does the management of information matter, the rationale for ISO 19650, high level implementation principles, explaining the information requirements & delivery. And introducing Concepts of managing information practically & explaining the National Annex document.
  • BIM Level 2 with ISO 19650-2 Delivery Phase of Buildings – REGISTER NOW
    In this webinar we will cover the information management processes required when delivering a project to BIM Level 2. This will build on the concepts introduced in our first webinar going in-depth into the common data environment, naming conventions & approval workflow principles. We will look at information requirements in relation to the OIR, AIR, PIR, BEP, AIM & PIM deliverable’s on a BIM Level 2 project. 

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