Cadline is pleased to be Gold Sponsors of this year's GeoCom 18 - the AGI’s annual, national conference.

Date:                      8th November 2018

Location:              Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) – Kensington, London

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GeoCom is the members’ event that’s open to all

GeoCom is the AGI’s annual, national conference. Each year we take a closer look at challenges and opportunities in the world around us. It’s an event for members of our own community, but also for people in the sectors and subjects with which we’re working.

This year, GeoCom is all about how we can improve productivity

We’ll show how Location Intelligence can deliver a more productive UK economy. Here in the UK, we have a geospatial industry that’s second to none ~ and there’s a new generation of Location Intelligence providers whose ambitions know no bounds.

From simple visualisations of ‘what can we find, where?’, to complex data integration, data analytics, and digital twins that have the power to transform business performance, we believe Location Intelligence holds many of the answers to the productivity puzzle.

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