Join us on our series of BIM 360 Webinars to learn more about each of the BIM 360 modules used during the project lifecycle.  Register now using the links below.

Demystifying BIM 360 - We will introduce you to each of the BIM 360 modules and discuss where each one is used during the project lifecycle.

BIM 360 Docs - Understand how to track versions, view changes and compare files to see the impact of changes and raise issues to address problems.

BIM 360 Design - See how to accelerate project delivery with quicker review cycles and trackable coordination activities by hosting project information in the cloud.

BIM 360 Coordinate - Understand the process for aggregating models to allow the collection and analysis of multi-discipline information in a shared coordination space.

BIM 360 Build - Understand how data rich dashboards and reports can be used to track construction site performance.

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