Industrial Machinery

Design industrial machinery for the new possible

Remove barriers to connection with the convergence of design and manufacturing

Achieve better outcomes for your products, businesses, and the world with intuitive, powerful, and accessible technology that connects every detail of your design and make process.

Autodesk empowers innovators to create smarter, more reliable industrial machinery for their customers.

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  • Collaborate with connected data
    Save time searching for the information you need. Connect your colleagues, clients, and supply chain to a single and secure data model. Always know the next step in your design cycle and who’s responsible. Automatically maintain an audit train of decisions and their impact.
  • Automate to drive growth
    Improve quotation speed and accuracy and free up engineering time by using your existing CAD models to create sales configurators. Streamline everyday tasks to focus design and engineering time on creating innovative solutions for your customers. Automate the preparation of manufacturing data with BOM, nesting, and CAM in a single environment.
  • Improve operational efficiency
    Bring together design and manufacturing by repurposing engineering CAD models to program CNC machines. Design fixtures and begin programming before engineering data is released—with every detail automatically updated in CAM toolpaths. Efficiently utilize production capacity across multiple machines and sites with standardized NC creation.

Webinar: Adaptive Operations

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