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MEPworx Electrical is a fully compliant 18th edition calculation tool that allows users to work independently or plug into the BIM level 2 process.

Various workflows can be applied whether as an individual contributing to a design or as part of an integrated team working towards BIM level 2 and beyond.

Schematics can be created manually or – uniquely – by auto-generating the schematic from the physical electrical services plan based designs.

Our wiring calculations link with the lighting package, which uses the radiosity based method of calculating the illumination of 3-dimensional spaces.

Single cable calculations and switchgear discrimination calculations can be performed independent of the schematic for simple and quick analysis.

MEPworx is renowned for its ease of use, so whether you are a consultant, contractor, or part of a facilities management team, MEPworx is the software for you.


  • Wiring

A Wiring schematic can be created independently of any building modelling with unlimited number of boards with multiple supply analysis included as part of the design ethos.

If the workflow is such, distribution boards can be imported from the plan based Electrics module to either populate the schematic with boards that can be cabled up, or as a complete schematic if boards are linked in the Electrics module. As changes are made to the building model, boards can be updated to reflect the amendments. Full earth loop and short circuit discrimination calculations are standard, based on an extensive range of editable manufacturers switchgear with an export to a simple circuit by circuit discrimination analysis package, if required. All cable sizing analysis engineers require can be undertaken easily and quickly on the schematic with fault diagnosis easily manageable for fault rectification.


  • Lighting

The MEPworx Lighting module can be utilised for single room, external floodlighting or building model based lighting analysis whether daylighting, artificial lighting or emergency lighting is the requirement.

The building model can be created by importing Revit and other 3D models, or the user can model the building separately in the absence of any 3D interfacing.

The lighting design tool complies with LG7 Part L2 and LENI enabling efficient design important to meet today’s sustainability needs.

Industry standard photometry can be uploaded to enable manufacturers fittings to be utilised. If required light fittings can be exported to Revit for further coordination or analysis as part of the BIM process.


  • Electrics

MEPworx Electrics module enables users, within the building environment, to connect up existing light fittings from the Lighting module via a symbol library, to populate distribution boards with circuit loads and cable lengths. Boards can be connected up to then enable the automatic creation of schematic layouts for further cable analysis in the Wiring Module mentioned above. 2D drawings can be exported to standard 2D CAD to produce layouts. Fire alarm audibility and Part L lighting controls also feature.


Cadline BIM Solution

Depending on the project and workflow requirements MEPworx can be utilised either inside or outside the BIM level 2 workflow. Basic 2D requirements can still be met utilising traditional non-BIM workflows. To meet the demands of BIM level 2 and collaborative projects these workflows can also be utilised.

We all recognise the London Underground map where we decide on our destination, where we get on and via which stations we pass through which we can relate to the products and workflows.

MEPworx is fully compatible with versions of Windows up to and including Windows 10 in 32bit and 64bit modes.

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