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  • What is Prodsmart?

    Prodsmart is production management and production floor tracking software.

    • Schedule and manage teams, machines and materials.
    • Get real-time production visibility powered by devices on the shop floor. Track and analyse your entire production flow.
    • Track maintenance operations and easily plan future actions with fully integrated maintenance management.
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Prodsmart Capabilities

What you can do with Prodsmart

  • Real-time dashboard and connected manufacturing
    • Access your data from any device.
    • Stay connected to workers and colleagues in real time.
    • Customise alerts for real time responses.
    • Immediate alerts when machines are down or require maintenance


  • Visualise workflows
    • Identify bottlenecks.
    • Set priorities and avoid overload.
    • Increase productivity and seamless workflow.
    • Continuously improve the production system.


  • Maximise productivity and performance
    • Track each worker’s performance, in real time.
    • Monitor productivity and tasks of team members.
    • Specify team resourcing: who does what, where, when and how.
    • Align shift management with shop floor activity.


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