Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Data and process management that adapts to your business.

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  • Data and process management that adapts to your business

    Gain the advantage of connected people, processes and data. Increase development agility, reduce non value-add processes, and improve quality with Autodesk PLM.

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Imagine repeatedly trimming 10 working days off your schedule

Every day, manufacturers juggle multiple CAD systems as they move from concept to delivery, opening their process to confusion, data loss and delays. Autodesk PLM provides multi-CAD integrations that keep teams working in the tools they know and collaborating efficiently across your organisation and with suppliers – regardless of file type.

Read how industry leaders use PLM software to remove product development collaboration barriers, accelerate processes, increase efficiency and power agility.

Keep everyone working from a central source of data
  • Streamline processes
    Speed up development through centralised CAD-integrated PDM (US site) and workflow automation to spend more time on high-value tasks.
  • Drive dynamic decisions
    Vastly improve collaboration, make better decisions earlier in the process, and track costs and materials with real-time system-wide data sharing.
  • Connect the supply chain
    Improve supply chain collaboration and response time with easier order visibility and control and real-time markup and feedback loops.
  • Get to market faster
    Adapt in real time to a changing market, from concept to production, with greater innovation, fewer iteration cycles and lower costs.

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Product Lifecycle Management

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