• The Art of Possible

    In this first episode, listen to the team chat about how organisations can achieve what may seem impossible, by using the simple power of software development.

    Richard Robertson, Development Director and Nick Harris, Technical Director, discuss with our lead developers how to simply and effectively transition or enhance an organisation’s workflows and practices to improve business outcomes.

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  • The Art of Location

    In this second episode, listen to the team chat about the power of location.

    Richard Robertson, Development Director and David Crowther, GIS Consultant, discuss with Malcolm Norman, GIS Manager for Portsmouth City Council, how Geographical Information is used to help the Local Authority, its City services, businesses and residents.

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  • The Art of Building Safety

    Five years after the Grenfell Disaster, the first major piece of legislation that enacts the recommendations put forward in the Hackitt report is going through the final parliamentary stages before becoming law.

    Nick Harris, Technical Director and Matt Lees, Head of Digital Engineering, discuss with Benjamin Kelly, Senior Technical and Building Safety Consultant at Altair, the impact that the Building Safety Act will have on how domestic buildings are funded, designed and built.

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  • Introducing Digital Twins

    Digital Twins promise to deliver a much deeper understanding on how our built environment actually operates. They will generate data sets that will inform decisions on how the next generation of buildings should be designed and delivered.

    Nick Harris, Technical Director and Michael Johnson, Head of Digital Construction, discuss with Stuart Tanfield, Technical Solutions Executive at Autodesk, the technology that is available now and what may be coming in the near future.

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