Design better cities with outcome-based design

Spacemaker: Early-stage planning, reimagined

Spacemaker is an intuitive, collaborative, cloud-based AI software that empowers architects, urban planners and real estate developers to design high-quality site proposals.

  • Create 3D massing models of your site and its surroundings using automatic data sets
  • Test your site proposals and receive accurate analyses for 100+ criteria such as noise, wind, sun, and microclimate
  • Streamline your early-stage planning and design workflows with intuitive tools and generative design

Why use Spacemaker?

  • Make better design decisions:
    Reflect and act on data-driven insights to deliver the best possible solution for your project.
  • Accelerate your site planning:
    Work effectively with Spacemaker’s intuitive tools and automations, all accessible in one single software.
  • Improve collaboration:
    Collaborate in the same cloud-based 3D model anytime, anywhere to drive your project forward together

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